Most of our services have flat rate pricing. For special or unusual work, we bill at the industry standard rate of $1 per minute. Many complicated repairs can be done in less than 30 minutes, some take longer to complete.

All costs will be discussed before starting any work. All prices are after tax. If you do not see a service listed here that you need, feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Don’t know where to start? Diagnostics are always free of charge.

Operating System Reload - $100

Computer not feeling as fresh as it used to? Degraded performance is a common issue.
Often, starting over is the best option to get a computer running like it should.

Services Included:

  • Up to 10gb of data transfer
  • Installation of the appropriate OS for the computer in question **
  • Downloading, installing and verifying all needed drivers
  • Free Antivirus / Anti Malware *
  • Open Source productivity software *

* These programs are for those who do not have a paid copy of Office or security software.
** If you have a PC without a Windows COA sticker (certificate of authenticity) and would like Windows installed, you must provide a retail windows media set. The version of Windows to be installed must match the version on the COA. This is non applicable for Mac and Linux customers.

Virus Removal - $60

If your computer is showing signs of infection, it’s important to get it resolved. Your data could be at risk. This includes the documents and media stored on the computer and any information you transmit over the internet from the infected computer.

Common signs of Virus activity:

  • Search pages changing from your usual (google, yahoo, bing, etc) to an unfamiliar one
  • Recurring common popups that appear when visiting any website
  • Fake notifications
  • Extortion – virus demands payment to release your computer

Services Included:

  • Identification of Virus/Malware variant
  • Up to 45 minutes labor to remove offending software 
  • Supplemental scans to verify removal
  • Free Antivirus / Anti Malware software package

Note: Some infections are harder to resolve than others.
If the shop time limit is exceeded, you will be contacted with additional options.
Commonly, an OS reload would be the next step.
If we need to move from Virus removal to an OS reload, the work will be billed as a standard OS reload.
If a reload is not an option for you, an estimate based on shop time will be provided.